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When selecting companies and products, MyHealthyHome® only chooses corporations with a strong personal commitment towards health and well-being. MyHealthyHome® is proud to offer SantaFe Dehumidifiers.

Controlling the humidity levels in your home is key in protecting of you home, health, and family. Santa Fe dehumidifiers are an affordable solution to your humidity problems. This investment in superior indoor air quality and comfort is often recovered after only a few years through energy savings (depending on the unit and kWh).

We sincerely recommend that all customers consider consultations with all product purchases for the following reasons:

  • To better understand the meaning and benefits of a healthy home.
  • To ensure the products being purchased are properly addressing yours problems and concerns.
  • To personally advise and explain testing procedures and results.
  • To find answers to questions about healthy home living i.e. allergies, Multiple chemical Sensitivities, environmentally friendly building, natural pesticides, Volatile Organic Chemicals, Mold and many other topics.

Consultations with our National Healthy Home Experts are also available without product purchases.



Santa Fe provides a full line of high-capacity, energy-efficient free standing dehumidifiers that are designed and manufactured for the ultimate in humidity control for basements, crawlspaces, and any other inside space that deserves the best in humidity control. Santa Fe is manufactured by Therma-Stor LLC, located in Madison, Wisconsin. Therma-Stor was established to apply advanced heat transfer technologies to residential and commercial markets.

Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

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Santa Fe Compact70 DehumidifierThe Santa Fe Compact70 Dehumidifier is a powerful yet space-saving unit.

With a horizontal configuration and a flow-through design, this system removes excess moisture from low-clearance crawl spaces and tight basement areas to a small home theater.

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Santa Fe Advance90 DehumidifierPowerful and versatile. It's ready to take on your space.

The Advance90’s horizontal configuration and unique dual airflow outlets make it an ideal solution for basements, crawl spaces, and home gyms. It features dual exhaust vents for improved airflow and increased efficiency, keeping your operating costs in check.

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Santa Fe Advance100 DehumidifierMeet the Advance100.

Our newest addition to the popular Advance Series, it features digital controls and quiet operation. Perfect for finished and unfinished space, it defines being advanced. The Advance 100 features the Santa Fe Connect, our newest Wi-Fi monitoring system that puts power and knowledge right at your fingers tips. Designed to give homeowners peace of mind, it lets you control, monitor and receive timely alerts through the Santa Fe Connect app—the future of moisture monitoring.

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Santa Fe Advance120 DehumidifierWith its horizontal configuration and unique dual airflow outlet, the Advance120 is the ready to take on any project.

Quiet operation and the optional condensate pump and duct kit provide the installation flexibility to handle almost any application.

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Santa Fe Impact105 DehumidifierWhen it comes to being energy efficient, nothing compares to the Impact105.

With its low heat load optimization, it effectively eliminates problematic moisture and restores healthy indoor air quality to basements, workshops and home theaters.

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Santa Fe Impact155 DehumidifierHorizontal configuration. Dual outlet design. Quiet operation. What more can you want from a dehumidifier?

The Impact155 is made to handle larger basements, garages and crawl spaces efficiently. Simply put, no job is too big for this powerful yet efficient unit.

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Santa Fe Classic DehumidifierThe Classic is one of the most energy-efficient residential units on the market.

Engineered for basements and other finished spaces, it features a vertical configuration and a flow-down design. Its high-capacity blower moves air in a way that no small conventional unit can.

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