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Professional Mold and Allergen Test Kit

Mold Test Kit

As seen in

Shape Magazine

In their article, "5 DIY Health Checks That
Could Save Your Life
", Shape Magazine recommends testing
your home for mold and allergens.

The EXAMINAIR® is a "state of the art" professional allergen and mold test kit. It is designed for "do it yourself" use with quality results. The EXAMINAIR® is an economical indoor air testing method for potentially allergenic and pathogenic particles in indoor air environments. This DIY home test kit alerts you to molds and other allergens as well as dust mites.

Follow the easy to use operating instructions and sample the designated area.  The kit and samples will then be mailed to a laboratory for analysis. Results will follow in 7 to 10 business days.

The indoor air test kit includes: easy to use pre-calibrated pump, air sampling cassettes, all lab fees, detailed report, and a prepaid shipping label.

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Price: $400.00


The Shape Magazine article features Caroline Blazovsky - National Healthy Home Expert® who states, “If you notice headaches, congestion, respiratory irritation, asthma, or allergies, you should have your home tested for mold, allergens, chemicals and dust mites.

Molds, for example, can produce spores, mycotoxins, and MVOCs (chemicals produced by mold), which can give you an array of symptoms and cause you to feel unwell.” Blazovsky suggests to monitor such conditions every few years to every year to see if your home is within safe limits. You can even try a mold test kit of your own like EXAMINAIR®.

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Order a Phone Consultation with a HEALTHY HOME EXPERT®

This option gives the opportunity to talk with an indoor air specialist about your test kit and results. Find out information about potential allergens and ask common questions about indoor environments. Once your EXAMINAIR results are available, you will be contacted by a representative to set up a time for the phone consultation. You will then be instructed to call a toll free number at the scheduled time to speak with the consultant.

Price: $250.00



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